Bree, severe epilepsy, moving without her body brace.

This story was recorded by the designer of the therapeutic exerciser, many years ago, before digital photography.

Being upright and moving brings joy to Bree’s life!


Picture #1 below, is of Bree at about age 7. (Bungled forceps delivery.) Her mother has cared for her at home as Bree became too distressed in a classroom setting. She has multiple food allergies, severe epileptic seizures, and digestive problems. Many professionals could learn a lot from Bree’s mother who uses pressure point techniques and positioning tricks that she has developed to control Bree’s epilepsy without drugs. Bree has lovely hair and clear skin in spite of her very restricted diet.


Bree lying in the sunshine with her body brace under her clothes. This was supposed to prevent further curvatures of her spine. This barbaric contraption is shown in the photo below.


Darleen placing Bree in the custom-fitted MEAS top that supports her well and stops her leaning too far to either side WITHOUT wearing her horrid body brace. When the top side zippers are closed Bree is stable enough for her mother to feed her, and at a height that is more comfortable to Darleen than the chair on wheels that was used before.