Roxanne: Cerebral Palsy Therapy

After trying out the Merry Muscles Therapeutic Exerciser at Paul’s home, Roxanne definitely wanted one of her own!


Roxanne, at age 12. Cerebral Palsy, very intelligent and can speak slowly but clearly.


Here she is using the Therapeutic Merry Muscles with the bucket seat which is used for gentle swinging. The exerciser has adjustable sides to allow for proper fit and growth. It is suspended from a barndoor track in the high pitched ceiling of a car port. She enjoyed being in the sunshine where she could watch the boys on their dirt bikes and be exposed to the smells and the noise.


Roxanne, using the Therapeutic Merry Muscles with the pelvic support which holds her upright as she moves along a track suspension which in this case is outdoors. The pelvic support is also used for very gentle bouncing movements.