Desi: Hypotonia improvement

DesiThis is Desi, who suffers from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, enjoying exercise to improve his hypotonia (severely decreased muscle tone).


Desi again, this time at the age of 13.  He loves to exercise in the therapeutic exerciser!  He backswims over 16 feet and then struggles to hit a desk bell on the floor beside a drawing of the Merry Muscles, to let the staff know that he wants HIS turn in the exerciser!


Many hypotonic children have developed head control and their trunk balance has improved after regular use of the Therapeutic Merry Muscles (formerly called MEAS: Maribelle Exercise Assist System).  The bucket seat option of the therapeutic exerciser is used for this purpose.

These pictures were taken at the Emily Follensbee School in Calgary, Alberta.  This special school has 11 classrooms, and has a Therapeutic Merry Muscles in 9 of them.  All of the exercisers are used daily by various children there.