Seth: Water therapy & more

Seth is the poster child for the therapeutic exerciser, because he is such a survivor and inspiration! (Seth has Hydranencephaly.)


Seth’s prognosis was that he would not live more than a short while after birth.  But here he is, enjoying some water therapy.

This spring, Seth got a new special pool so he can enjoy the water whenever the weather is good!


He is using a special version of the therapeutic exerciser, made just for him, to withstand water and outdoor use.


Seth’s mom, Michelle, and a good neighbor, are kindly sending pictures of this sweet little boy, and sharing his inspiring story.


Seth was diagnosed with hydraencephaly while in utero.


Despite the opinion of 13 doctors, he did not die right after birth!


He is missing 95% of his brain or more!  He is blind–but has beautiful eyes.


Seth cannot walk.  He cannot talk.  He has seizures throughout the day/night.  Seth’s mother Michelle has a very strong faith, and Seth is given lots of loving care.


Seth will celebrate his FIFTH birthday this year.  What a miracle!

If you want to send well-wishes or follow Seth’s story, he has a special Facebook page:  Seth’s Journey with Hydranencephaly.


Part of Seth’s therapy is using the Merry Muscles Therapeutic Exerciser:




Seth’s therapeutic Merry Muscles has special “wings” to support his head and neck.



In these photos, Seth is using the Therapeutic Merry Muscles Exerciser with the Pelvic Support option which is holding him in an upright standing position.