Hyperbaric Oxygen for Cerebral Palsy

My daughter had suffered very poor health, and in fact could not speak in a complete sentence up until the age of 14.  She did not have cerebral palsy, but it was because of the father of a child with cerebral palsy, that my daughter was helped.  After months of regular hyperbaric treatments, she grew 4 inches, began to speak in sentences, was no longer intolerant to foods, and had other wonderful improvements!
The president of Canadian Hyperbarics, Gordon Ward, has a son with cerebral palsy.  After his son improved tremendously from hyperbaric treatments, Gordon decided to change careers and offer this as a service in Alberta, Canada, where this treatment was unavailable at the time.  Gordon told me that one regret was that his son had surgery on his feet, which was irreversible.  If this surgery had not been done, his son may have been able to walk unassisted after receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
Gordon is a real life champion for persevering in making the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy known.  There is plenty of medical evidence that this therapy is helpful, but it is underutilized because of those in the medical world who want to preserve the ‘status quo’, instead of doing what is best for their patients/clients!
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