People with disability-they deserve to be happy.

This is a heartwarming and uplifting article about the spirit and courage that people with disabilities have!  Read the full story by Nash Christmas (Open Source), and feel inspired!

Open source

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Today i will not write a new story,a wanted to get back on my regular subjects,but i will write a new story maybe tomorrow 100% for sure in Friday.It is great to change usual things you write every day,popping up with something fresh and brief.Also we are having fun when we write, don’t you think ?

Let see what we have for today.

Our lives are hard.Everyone think’s their problems are the worst.But some people deserve more attention,more understanding and more love.People with disability.

Blind,deaf,people in wheel chair and so on are types of human who didn’t had that luck to be perfectly healthy.After their birth or by some accident they’ve got disability who made their “steps” harder than they are.They don’t want…

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