Cerebral Palsy Exercise Therapy


There are many forms of physical Cerebral Palsy therapy and treatments that can help reduce the physical disabilities associated with Cerebral Palsy. Each child or adult with Cerebral Palsy will often need a specialized kind of therapy treatment.

The Merry Muscles Therapeutic Exerciser (previously known as MEAS) is one option for physical therapy that a child or adult with Cerebral Palsy special needs may be interested in and has had very beneficial results for cerebral palsy treatment.


The MEAS is exercise equipment that is suspended from the ceiling with a body support for physical therapy. This allows a child or adult that has little muscle control or no use of their legs to actually be put in an upright position (supported standing), or a sitting position where they can move or move with assistance for physical therapy. For example, swinging.

The physical and emotional benefits for a child or an adult with cerebral palsy are many, including much enjoyment for the child or adult just from being in an upright position, or from the swinging and other possible physical movements.



Remarkably, the muscle movements in the MEAS result in LESS spasticity! 3 to 5 minutes of gentle bouncing therapy, followed by swinging, invariably will relax tight elbow joints and clenched hands will open up. The Neurophysiological reasons for this change have been well documented in research studies about using rebounders for therapy and treatment.


The upright swinging, gentle bouncing, and supported walking movements are not only beneficial exercise, but the users find much joy and happiness added to their day!