Jesse gets his feet dirty for the first time!

Jesse with winged head/neck support therapeutic exerciser that has a pelvic support to hold him upright.

This story is about Jesse, a child living in British Columbia, Canada.  At the age of 19 months, he was assessed as having the functional level of a 4-month-old.  He had seizure disorder:  infantile spasms, visual impairment, and development delays.

As he was unable to hold up his head, he required support wings on his exercise system.  After a very short time using the Merry Muscles Therapeutic Exerciser, Jesse’s head control was within normal range and all-around muscle tone was significantly improved!


His mother said:  “This exerciser is the best thing we have ever purchased for him.  He just loves it.  He is able to get the feeling of having his feet on the ground.  I put different textures under his feet, like a sheepskin rug.  We also hang it from a tree out in the yard.  It’s the first time he has ever had dirty feet!”


“Jesse has always had a lot of energy, so he is able to work some of it off… sleeping better…. because he is exercising.  Also he seems less irritable.  He was frustrated with not being able to do anything.  Being upright is good for helping clear any secretions so they don’t build up in his lungs.”


Jesse’s mother was also thrilled because he is safe and happy in this position and she can do other chores guilt-free.  She continued by saying, “Jesse’s neurologist commented on how strong he is…. On the days when he is having a lot of seizures he only uses the bucket seat.”