Merry Muscles for Babies

It is well known that the body’s lymphatic system benefits from jumping, and that is why adult rebounders are so popular.  Lymph vessels run up the body’s arms, legs, and torso, and their function is mainly to carry nutrients to the cells, and to clean waste from the cells.  The vertical jumping motion stimulates the lymphatic system. Muscle strength increases when baby meets the resistance of the floor and pushes against it to jump. When a baby bounces, it helps the baby release pent up energy, which brings enjoyment and relaxation.

The cases of improved eyesight attributed to jumping, can be explained by the fact that even the aqueous eye fluid has improved circulation!

Some babies with special needs can use the regular infant model of the Merry Muscles while they are under 2 years of age.  Babies diagnosed with cerebral palsy are quite often able to do well in the regular model as it offers excellent support compared to other baby jumpers.  After they outgrow the regular model, they can continue getting supported  exercise in the therapeutic model.

Other baby exercisers can have detrimental effects, but the Merry Muscles exerciser has an ergonomic design that is beneficial to development, and also fun for ANY baby.  It supports baby’s head and neck, so is ideal for babies with low muscle tone, preemies, etc.  It takes the weight off the crotch area by cradling the hips and thighs.

If you have seen toddlers walking tippy-toe instead of rolling from heel to toe, that was likely learned from being in poorly designed baby doorway jumpers which cause them to develop the habit of pointing their toes when contacting the floor.  Babies bounce on the balls of the foot when using the Merry Muscles, so when they begin to walk, they will not toe-walk.

The Merry Muscles for babies was designed by an occupational therapist and tested in medical and child care settings.


Christopher at 7 months, 17 lbs 9 oz.  This little boy has a tall and slender build.  His waist is less than 20 inches.  He fits into a Merry Muscles which has been left at waist size Small, but he was unable to use another make of bouncer.


Desiree at 5 1/2 months, 13 pounds.  This petite baby girl can relax in comfort or balance and bounce energetically in a Merry Muscles regular model exerciser, but would not be able to use others.


Jesse is pictured in the therapeutic model.  He needed more head support than the regular infant model could offer, and was almost too large for it.  At the age of 19 months, he was assessed as having the functional level of a 4-month-old.  He had seizure disorder:  infantile spasms, visual impairment, and development delays. His exerciser has wings to support the head and neck, and will adjust to fit him in both width and length, for a couple of years.  The therapeutic model can be made in sizes to fit very small babies when they have a health condition that requires an exerciser with extra support.